Join Us

Requirements to join Chaotic Soldiers Clan:

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Free Pass
•  Prestige 12 or higher
•  K/D 3.50

For Test
• Prestige 5 or higher
• K/D 1.50+

Assault or Sniper:
• Blockbuster or Dog Days
• Battle
• Private Match
• 15 kills
• No grenades
• 1 on 1

To comment you must follow this steps:

1. Username
2. Rank
3. KDR
4. Will you be loyal and active to the clan.



168 comments on “Join Us

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  3. Seems fair enuf… i dont have access to my ipod but im ex. TFF for 4 months, ive co lead the SSPK clan and i can Snipe and Assualt… im sorta intrested in CS but i think that kd really dont matter as long as u r good. mine is 1.30 bcuz i had a bad start being unexperienced with ipod fps. just saying might join CS or BW or maybe TFF if i can. but im intrested in this clan so yeah… might join yah but BW is #1 choice atm.

  4. My username is MiST_JZeaPeJZx ( gonna change mist later ) rank 33 kdr 1.09 improving by a ton. N yes I will be loyal! Btw this is for mc3

  5. Hey I would like to join.
    mc2 (android)

    Level: 64

    Kdr 1.56 (It”s my first acc since I played this game)
    Class: Assault and Sniper.

  6. Hey I already commented on ur palringo group and I said I was lvl 13. After that I played for a while and now I’m lvl 20. My KDR is .82 and I have 522 kills and 632 deaths. I already said I just bought the game 3 days ago so no im not lvl 50. My I hope u consider letting me join. I’m really excited. I hope u consider what I have said. My username is Nozactim. P.S. can u give me tips on what guns to use, what attachments, specialties, routes, grenades, etc? Thanks

  7. username: Emrich
    rank: 59
    KDR: 2.05
    first to say, that i know paforca, he goes to my school and i am his best friend just ask him.

  8. oh and you may think I am a hacker because I have the biohazard symbol and SO PRO BRO but I can assure you I dont hack. Honestly my Ipod isnt even jail broken so it would be kind of hard to. Hope you believe me.

  9. Hello Guys,This Is My Presentation:

    GLL Username : thejethroj
    Rank : I’m Rank 90 But I’ve Hacked My Rank….
    KDR : 2.80
    Loyalty : I’m 100% Loyal To All My Clans.
    Have A Good Day! :):

  10. Hey! =)

    GLL: RenegadeEagle,

    Rank: 90 Prestige # 3 but got reset cause I bought too many credits, I got it back but my kills were still the old 32k.

    KDR: 2.68 (32k/12k) Because I started out suckish and I hated MC3 for it’s bad glitches. Nowadays I usually get the most kills on every match, even if my team loses.

    Loyalty: No hacks, no tricks, nothing. Only mod I used was the weapon mod that turned all the in game weapon names into their real names. (Screw Copyrights!! xD)

    A little intro:

    My best map is hands down Alert, I know all the spots possible, all the tricks, all the spawn points in the back of my head. I play on Alert very often and I am practicing the map.

    I’m a bit so-so ish on my sniping part, I used to be pretty decent in MC2 but now in MC3 where you have to hit the player head on makes it so much harder :/. I main Intervention (Idk what it called in MC3, it’s the first sniper) and I can rush a little bit and play defensive with the KR600 (second tier sniper, the automatic one)

    I personally hate the UMP (the cheap submachinegun every one uses) and if I am going to have to take the test just promise me we won’t need to use that weapon. I main ACR and the SCAR H. So please go easy on me if we are using the UMP, I always that weapon, I can rush with it, but I always thought it was a bit too cheap and unfair for those new players.

    So please email me and tell me about my entry and if I do have to take the test because I’m probably going to get to 3.0 soon anyways. My email is: and Happy Shoting! ~R~

  11. 1. Captainfrog456 i asked the gameloft forum to change it to: CS_KniVeR
    2. Rank 80
    3. Kdr 1.49
    4. I will be online for like every day i really like this and already joined parlingo!!
    On MC3

  12. 1. Username: SWS_GoD_0f_FPS (Everybody in my old clan is gone.. Need a new one.)
    2. Rank: 70
    3. KDR: 2.22 (Keeps going up)
    4. Will you be loyal and active to the clan?: Ya

  13. Darkwolf I joined ur pal group. I asked Starbucks if i could join and he said I probably could because of my kd, but he said that the clan died….. Is that true? Btw i’m pretty sure it was Starbucks, not sure sure tho 😉

  14. MC3:
    4th prestige rank 90
    1.51 KDR
    Yes I will be loyal… Your already accepted me into your palringo group and I will join all of your clan matches!!

  15. N.O.V.A. 3
    Username: Jrubio16
    Level: 48
    (I’m pretty good at instagib and ctp)
    And I never have played nova 2
    Palringo: Jose jr blonde

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